GMAT Percentile Ranking

What is an acceptable GMAT score?
The acceptable score of GMAT varies from school to school. For a low-ranked MBA program, it can be 400 points or even lower. By contrast, for a top ranking school, such as Chicago GSB, the acceptable score may be 650 or higher, especially for those applicants who have not demonstrated outstanding contributions in other areas (such as professional experience, teamwork leadership skills).In this regard, an acceptable GMAT score is something like an average GMAT score. An acceptable score does not guarantee the admissions. Neither does it deny your application. If you obtain a score that is around the average score of the school you are applying to, you will have to demonstrate competition in other areas.
Is there any passing GMAT score?
Actually no school will declare they set a passing score for GMAT. This will discourage those whose score is lower than the so-called "passing GMAT score" from applying. Some schools do have a minimum GMAT score. But it seems too low and actually few are accepted with such a score. Therefore, even if you get a "passing score", it does not mean that you have passed. If you have time, you are encouraged to retake the test before two-three months preparation.Below is a list of some MBA programs which have minimum GMAT score:

East Carolina University : 400 (and 450 for those whose GPA is lower than 3.5) Minimum Point

Kansas State University : 500 Minimum Point

University of Washington, Seattle : 500 Minimum Point